Drinks Slot Machine

An experiment in CSS3 and JQuery, based on a Thumbtack challenge.

Project heavily dependent on HTML5/CSS3/JQuery so may not run in some browsers. All animations and images (except for the wheel pictures) are done using CSS3.

Problem Statement

At Thumbtack, engineers and designers enjoy a healthy dose of caffeine in the morning. They like to drink coffee, tea, or espresso. Your goal is to build a slot machine to award lucky users one of these random beverages. Your solution should be in JavaScript and CSS. You may use standard libraries like jQuery, Underscore, Backbone, and/or Angular. If you're applying for one of our mobile engineering positions, use Objective-C (iOS) or Java (Android) as appropriate.

Your slot machine should have three reels:

The first reel has a coffee maker, a teapot, and an espresso machine.

The second reel has a coffee filter, a tea strainer, and an espresso tamper.

The third reel has coffee grounds, loose tea, and ground espresso beans.

When the lever is pulled (you can simulate this with the click of a button), the slot machine goes into action. Each reel spins and randomly stops on one of the three options. If the user is lucky, the three reels will line up and she will be rewarded with a tasty hot beverage. Your solution should show the user what beverage she's won. For example, if the reels show coffee maker, coffee filter, and coffee grounds, the user wins a cup of coffee.

We'll be looking for exceptionally clean JavaScript and CSS (or mobile code). In addition, you should use this as an opportunity to show off your front-end/UI skills. The more fanciful and exciting your solution, the better. For this particular problem, a solution that provides the bare minimum UI and functionality is insufficient.



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